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Sono Scribe

Sono Scribe

Download Sono Scribe to enhance typing speeds through the use of word and next word prediction as well as smart phrasing

Use all the freedom of expression of text-based communication, with accelerated input speed from sophisticated functions. Sono Scribe enhances typing speeds through the use of word and next word prediction as well as smart phrasing. The prediction tool is made highly efficient by quickly categorizing and sorting the frequency of use of items.

An extensive library of over 1,300 words and phrases offers both frequency-based core vocabulary and the most often used phrases in U.S. English, helping users avoid motor fatigue and speeding up communication.

  • Alphabetized, color-coded vocabulary and visual anchors for ease in locating vocabulary.
  • Access via topical/grammatical wordprediction dictionaries to over 18,000 high frequency words, plus standard dictionaries of 5,000 to 50,000 words using on-screen keyboards.
  • "Next Word" prediction based on each user's individual writing style.
  • "Smart" phrase prediction for faster communication with access to over 600 ready-made, user-customizable phrases derived from usage research.
  • Quick access to verb tenses, common word endings, and more.
  • Ability for users to add family and friends' names, favorite places, personal phrases, and more.
  • Spelling via user-switchable QWERTY, Alphabetical, and Frequency of Use keyboards.
  • Designed for all access methods, particularly scanning