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Sono Key

Sono Key

With Sono Key (a user interface for Communicator that provides literate people with comprehensive, streamlined access to a communication device), it's easy to chat, send emails, hold a conversation, and more

Intuitive communication and access to all functions of your communication device. Ideal for all communication needs of literate people. Sono Key is a user interface for Communicator that provides streamlined, comprehensive and easy access to your communication device.

  • Type and let your device speak for you with the support of synthetic speech
  • Create, edit and save text documents
  • Send and receive e-mail
  • Send and receive text messages (sms) and make regular phone calls using synthetic speech*
  • Chat with your friends and family
  • Listen to your favorite mp3 music whenever you want
  • View photos and create your own sideshows
  • Program environmental control functions for TV, lights, beds and more using IR controls
  • Easy access to Facebook