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Sono Flex

Sono Flex

Download Sono Flex - an easy to use AAC vocabulary app that turns symbols into clear speech and provides language to nonverbal users who are not yet in full control of literacy

A symbol-based vocabulary for Communicator, laying out a growth path towards the persistent use of a communication aid for preliterate AAC users.

Sono Flex offers quick wins and successful interaction based on pre-made situational vocabulary subsets, which require little learning effort. It promotes steady vocabulary development with scaffolding structures, enabling conversations in even unanticipated interactions. The powerful combination of structure and flexibility is achieved by a well selected core vocabulary, organized in logical categories, and a unique linking system into over 50 pre-made contexts (topic boards covering highly frequent situations and themes).

Sono Flex seamlessly integrates into the Sono Suite family of content products, with Sono Primo as the possible predecessor along the growth path and with Sono Lexis or LiterAACy as subsequent language tools.