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Discover the most intuitive and engaging symbol-based software solution on the market

Learning language, achieving literacy, and becoming an independent communicator is a journey with many stages. Tobii Dynavox Snap + Core First meets each communicator wherever they are on that journey and evolves with users as they grow. It's designed to be the most intuitive and engaging symbol-based software solution on the market. Snap + Core First lets users start communicating quickly and stay engaged as they grow and evolve on their communication journey. Centered on Tobii Dynavox's Core First approach to delivering a systematic, proven, research-based Core Word framework, Snap + Core First provides the fastest and most efficient platform for communication for all users, including students, parents and teachers.

*Please note, Windows 10 Anniversary Edition or higher is required
Not supported: iPad 1, iPad 2, iOS 9
Only available in: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

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Available Versions

Version Windows - (Free Version) Windows - Full Version iPad - (Free Version) iPad - Full Version
Initial Price Free $49.99 Free $49.99
Speaking Capabilities via In-App Purchase $49.99 Included $49.99 Included
Speaking Capabilities via Subscription $4.99 / Month
$49.99 / Year
Included $4.99 / Month
$49.99 / Year
Volume Purchase Discounts Available No Yes No Yes
Use as a Free Editor Yes No Yes No
Trial Available in the App Store Non-Speaking 30 Days Non-Speaking No
Use as Free Companion or Professional App Yes No Yes No
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Pathways is our framework for learning and understanding how to implement Tobii Dynavox software, hardware and ideas. Created by experienced clinicians and educators at Tobii Dynavox, Pathways is free and easily accessible for parents, caregivers, communication partners, and speech language pathologists (SLPs) who are looking for expert guidance, best practice and a convenient way to develop their skills. Pathways is designed to guide our end users' support network with useful tools for achieving literacy and independence.