Sono Lexis

Sono Lexis

With Sono Lexis, you can use symbols instead of letters, enabling individuals to build sentences word by word

A personal symbol-based vocabulary, enabling advanced communication without literacy skills, using individual sentences built word by word.

Sono Lexis is a powerful modular system of symbol vocabulary page sets enabling users to communicate on their own terms. The strategy platform was developed at a German University*, combining the advantages of motor memory learning by solid navigation architecture with the one-symbol-per-concept approach of the Fitzgerald Key.

A thoroughly selected core vocabulary is provided in a clear structure, maximizing the user's autonomy to learn and maneuver through the symbol dictionary. Situation specific utterances and tools for long distance communication** are offered in context modules, enabling flexible communication for all occasions while the vocabulary core is kept consistent and succinct.

Personalization of Sono Lexis is easy. All adaptations of the vocabulary can be made from within run view using a specific set of functions such as the changing of verb tenses, the activation of navigation feedback or the changing of output settings. Making use of the large variety of templates, normally difficult procedures, such as building complete context modules, are made simple.

*Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg.

**Some long-distance communication modules require the Premium version of Communicator and the use of connectivity elements in the AAC hardware, such as Internet connection or a mobile phone card.