Download LiterAACy - a system that makes it easier for individuals with speech and communication impairments to learn how to read and write

LiterAACy is a very efficient Symbol Vocabulary that fosters reading and writing. Making use of the partial reading competency of preliterate communicators, it integrates the learning paths of acquiring literacy and mastering AAC vocabulary.

Avoid resource conflicts Evolving, not yet fully literate, users of communication aids face great challenges in mastering traditional vocabularies. Words are stored in very abstract categories and/or encoded by an intuitive icon sequences. Learning these abstract vocabulary systems consumes so much time and energy, that little resources are left for actually learning to read and write.

LiterAACy takes a different approach: preliterate skills are made use of to quickly and clearly navigate through thousands of well-selected words. Communicating with LiterAACy supports and facilitates the reading and writing learning process, instead of confounding it.

LiterAACy comes with three different grid sizes, containing carefully selected, easy to edit, core and fringe vocabulary:

  • 7 by 5 with over 1000 words
  • 9 by 6 with over 2500 words
  • 12 by 9 with over 3500 words


  • Access to vocabulary with an average of 2 button presses
  • Category structure to store individualized situational messages
  • Rapid phrases to guide conversations
  • Presentation mode
  • Save and open text files
  • Built in music player
  • Telephone and SMS*
  • E-mail and Chat*
  • Control a built in camera*
  • Environmental Control via IR*
  • Meeting calendar*

*adequate hardware, such as the C-Series, is required to take advantage of these functions.

LiterAACy was developed by Lars Tiedemann (AAC Developer at Catholic University of Freiburg) and Nele Diercks (User of AAC)