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Boardmaker Student Center

Boardmaker Student Center App

Download this app for use on your Tobii Dynavox device

The Boardmaker Student Center application was created to make Boardmaker activities accessible from your Tobii Dynavox device. Boardmaker activities are assigned to the student through a subscription to a Boardmaker Online Personal, Professional, or District account. The app brings the power of personalized visual supports and symbol adapted educational materials to Tobii Dynavox devices. The student's custom accessibility settings are instantly in effect the moment they log in, providing the ultimate in personalization. The advanced access methods (scanning, touch enter, touch exit, etc) mean that these powerful activities are fully accessible.

Compatible with Windows PCs running Windows 7 (service pack 2 or higher), 8 & 10 and I-Series devices running Windows 8 & 10. Windows Vista is not supported. iPad 1 is not supported.